East Prospect Borough

Special Announcements or Events


Beginning January 1, 2024, the rate for trash/recycling pick-up will be $90.60 per quarter, due to increase in tipping fees.

Trash pick-up twice a week (Tuesdays and Fridays) will begin May 21st until September 13th.
REMINDER: Recycling is picked up on Tuesdays only!

Up-coming events:

June 22nd - Community Clean-Up Day from 8 am to 4 pm Dumpsters will be in the parking lot at the new Borough building
July 6th - Car Show at ball field


SPCA Policy of Surrendering Animals to the Shelter


Do NOT place pool chemicals, rechargeable batteries, live ammunition or propane tanks in your trash & recycling. They need to be disposed of properly. Truck fires and explosions at our recycling facility have become way too common due to improper disposal of hazardous waste items.
Click here to learn more.

Letter from Penn Waste regarding resuming of Bulk Item and Yard Waste Collection.


Letter from Penn Waste regarding trash and recycle pickup.


Senior Living Help (https://www.seniorlivinghelp.org/assisted-living/pennsylvania/), an organization that provides senior living assistance to the elderly. Senior Living Help assists Pennsylvania senior citizens, their family members and caregivers in finding appropriate senior living and care facilities. Many elderly adults are no longer able to be cared for at home, so finding a senior living facility with caring and loving staff becomes necessary. This is when your residents can come to us for help.


East Prospect Borough Donates Funds for Canadochly Ambulance Club




East Prospect Borough Information

Business hours - by appointment only
Fax: 717- 252-1991
Phone: 717- 252-0177


East Prospect Borough is located south of Route 30 in York County within a mile of  the Susquehanna River on the East.

Incorporated circa 1874
Area: .35 square miles
Population Density: 2663 persons/ square mile
2012 Population: 941



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